Versace Unveils Icons Campaign Featuring Anne Hathaway

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The icons campaign of Versace has taken centre stage, with Anne Hathaway and Cillian Murphy as the faces of the luxury brand’s latest global endeavour. Shot by renowned photographers Mert & Marcus, the campaign exudes glamour and sophistication, epitomizing the essence of “Very Versace.”

Anne Hathaway and Cillian Murphy effortlessly embody the Versace ethos as they showcase a range of iconic pieces, including tailored suits, denim ensembles, elegant dresses, statement coats, and luxurious accessories. Each ensemble is accentuated with Versace’s signature details, from Medusa ’95 hardware to bold Barocco prints, creating a captivating visual narrative.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Versace, Hathaway expresses admiration for the brand’s empowering portrayal of women. She emphasises the Versace Woman’s multifaceted nature, characterised by strength, intelligence, and individuality—a sentiment echoed by Donatella Versace herself.

“I have met so many Versace women who are powerful, emotionally available, ambitious, substantive, funny, fierce, loving, singular, sexy, smart, talented, and generous, very much like Donatella,” says Hathaway. “I am so thrilled and honoured to be considered a Versace Woman and am overjoyed to reunite with the Versace family for another Icons campaign.”