Luxury Brands: Are You Saying It Right?

2 mins read

Luxury brands exude sophistication, and part of that allure comes from their exclusivity, including how their names roll off the tongue. Yet, the world of high-end fashion and lifestyle is rife with names that often leave people guessing about the correct pronunciation. Fear not, as we embark on a linguistic journey to demystify the enigma surrounding some commonly mispronounced luxury brands.

1. Hermès: /Er-mez/

This French powerhouse is renowned for its exquisite handbags and silk scarves. While the brand’s elegance is unquestionable, the pronunciation often raises eyebrows. Say it with confidence: Er-mez, not Her-mees.

2. Givenchy: /Zhee-von-shee/

Known for its chic and timeless fashion, Givenchy can be a tongue twister. It’s Zhee-von-shee, not Give-in-chee or Give-enchy.

3. Balmain: /Bahl-mah/

This Parisian fashion house, synonymous with opulence, has a straightforward pronunciation. It’s Bahl-mah, not Bal-main or Bal-mane.

4. Yves Saint Laurent: /Eve San Loh-rahn/

The iconic YSL initials often spark debates on the correct pronunciation. Keep it classy by saying Eve San Loh-rahn, not Yeevs or Y-V-Saint-Laurent.

5. L’Occitane: /Lox-ee-tahn/

Bringing the essence of Provence to your beauty routine, L’Occitane deserves a spot-on pronunciation. It’s Lox-ee-tahn, not Low-key-tane or Lock-i-tane.

6. Moët & Chandon: /Mow-ett eh Shan-don/

Champagne enthusiasts, rejoice! Pronounce it as Mow-ett eh Shan-don, not Mow-ay and Chan-don.

7. Versace: /Ver-sah-che/

This Italian luxury brand epitomises boldness and glamour. Say it with flair: Ver-sah-che, not Ver-sayse or Ver-sayss.

8. Porsche: /Por-shuh/

While not exclusively a luxury fashion brand, Porsche’s association with luxury is undeniable. It’s Por-shuh, not Porsh or Porsha.

Now that you know how to pronounce things correctly, go with assurance into the world of luxury. Did we inadvertently overlook any gems? If there are additional names that pique your interest or brands you’d like to see added to the list, feel free to share them.