Hermes Reopens Flagship Store in Beijing’s SKP Shopping Centre

2 mins read

Luxury French fashion house Hermes has reopened one of its flagship stores in Beijing, situated in the prestigious SKP Shopping Centre within the city’s Central Business District. This newly relocated store offers a contemporary interpretation of Hermès’ sixteen métiers, blending traditional Chinese art with modern design elements.

The store’s facade is crafted from textured stone, symbolising the gradual erosion of mountains by cascading waterfalls. The entrances feature distinctive Grecques lights and the iconic Faubourg mosaic, providing a grand view of the central staircase. Encased in oak, the staircase flows gracefully like a river, setting the tone for the store’s interior.

Upon entering, customers are greeted by the women’s silk universe, including sections dedicated to perfume, beauty, and a curated jewellery collection. The first floor further includes areas for fashion jewellery, the women’s universe, and an array of leather and equestrian goods.

The upper level of the store houses the men’s universe, showcasing ready-to-wear, silk, leather goods, shoes, and homeware collections. Both floors are designed to offer an exclusive shopping experience, equipped with fitting rooms and a private salon.

The interior design artfully merges landscape interpretations and traditional Chinese art with clean lines, tactile materials, and a natural palette of ochre, sand, and watery blues. Enhancing the decor is a selection of artworks from the Émile Hermès collection, including historic equestrian oil paintings by German artist Johann Elias Ridinger and “Riverbank, Qutang Gorge, Yangtsé Valley, China,” a contemporary print by French landscape photographer Maxence Rifflet.

Hermès currently operates 34 stores across China, each paying homage to Chinese culture while offering a luxurious shopping experience. Visit the newly reopened SKP Shopping Centre store to explore Hermès’ extensive collections and enjoy the beautifully crafted space.