Goodbye, Quiet Luxury? Mark Zuckerberg Shines at Bash

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Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan turned heads at the Ambani family’s pre-wedding bash with a departure from their usual understated style, embracing what’s known as “loud luxury.”

The couple, known for their subtle displays of wealth, indulged in lavish Alexander McQueen ensembles totaling $22,000 for the occasion. They joined a star-studded guest list celebrating the impending union of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Gujarat, India.

The festivities, spanning three days, featured opulent highlights like a private Rihanna concert and a grand dinner for 51,000 attendees. With a nine-page dress code dictating the attire, Zuckerberg and Chan opted for bold statements, embodying the concept of loud luxury.

Typically favouring quiet luxury, the Zuckerbergs stunned in attention-grabbing ensembles throughout the weekend. From Zuckerberg’s shimmering tigress-themed shirt to Chan’s floor-length gown adorned with gold floral accents, their outfits exuded extravagance and drew admiration.

Designed by Rahul Mishra, the couple’s attire reflected nature-inspired motifs, amplifying their style quotient. While the exact prices of their outfits remain undisclosed, Mishra’s creations command hefty sums, with women’s Lehenga sets priced up to $18,799 and men’s Sherwani sets exceeding $7,000.

In a culmination of the weekend’s fashion spectacle, Chan shared their latest ensembles on Instagram—a purple saree for her and a beige outfit with leaf designs for Zuckerberg—adding a touch of elegance to their extravagant wardrobe choices.