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Google Data reveals most searched brands

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According to data from Google analysed by Watch Pilot, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior are the most-searched luxury brands in 2023. Louis Vuitton leads the pack with 118 million annual searches, followed by Gucci with 66.9 million searches and Dior with 52.9 million searches. The top ten most-searched luxury brands also include Chanel and Coach (tied at 41.2 million), Massimo Dutti (40.5 million), Prada (29.4 million), Versace (27.5 million), Alexander McQueen (21.1 million), and Kate Spade (20.5 million).

The report also breaks down the data by country. Luxembourg is the world’s most designer-obsessed destination, with 494,000 searches per year per 100,000 people. Louis Vuitton is the most-wanted brand in Luxembourg with over 117,000 searches. France also has a high number of searches for luxury brands, with over 66,600 searches per 100,000 people. Louis Vuitton is the top-searched brand in France with 8.5 million searches.

Watch Pilot notes that while online traffic and searches are significant, they do not necessarily translate to sales. Both LVMH and Kering have faced challenges in the luxury market, with declines in sales and spending. However, the high volume of searches for these luxury brands indicates that they remain relevant and desirable to consumers, even if spending has slowed in certain regions.