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Burberry Launches New Campaign for Iconic Rocking Horse Bag

2 mins read

Burberry has launched an exciting new campaign celebrating its iconic Rocking Horse Bag, highlighting the importance of high-margin accessories in the luxury fashion sector. This campaign features a stellar lineup of Burberry’s high-profile brand ambassadors and models, highlighting the brand’s commitment to blending heritage with contemporary fashion.

The campaign stars Bright, Jun Ji-Hyun, Tang Wei, actress Asami Mizukawa, and models Lily Donaldson and Nora Attal. These prominent figures front the imagery, bringing the Rocking Horse Bag to life with their distinctive styles and international appeal.

The Rocking Horse Bag is a pivotal item for Burberry, reflecting the brand’s deep-rooted ties to the equestrian world. The bag’s design includes rein-inspired straps and a gracefully curved shape, reminiscent of the classic childhood toy from which it draws its name.

Showcasing Burberry’s new branding, the bag features a circular fastening that pivots to form a lowercase ‘b’, introducing a fresh house motif. Additionally, the Equestrian Knight Design, a staple in Burberry collections since the arrival of creative director Daniel Lee, is embossed on the back of the bag. The iconic Burberry Check also adorns the interiors of selected styles, adding a touch of classic elegance to the modern design.

The new campaign not only highlights the aesthetic and functional appeal of the Rocking Horse Bag but also reinforces Burberry’s strategy of leveraging high-margin accessories to drive profitability. By combining innovative design elements with a nod to its rich heritage, Burberry continues to captivate the luxury market.