Burberry Enlists South Korean Actor as New Brand Ambassador

2 mins read

Burberry continues to strengthen its global presence by adding South Korean actor Son Suk-ku to its esteemed roster of brand ambassadors. With a prolific career spanning both television and film, Son Suk-ku brings a diverse range of roles and a loyal fan base to the British luxury brand.

Renowned for his captivating performances, Son Suk-ku gained widespread recognition for his role in the popular Netflix series ‘DP’ in 2021. His talent was further celebrated the following year with accolades such as the Best New Actor award at the Korean Association of Film Critic Awards for his performance in ‘The Roundup’. Additionally, his portrayal of Mr Gu in the drama ‘My Liberation Notes’ earned critical acclaim.

Describing Son Suk-ku as someone who “embodies the spirit of the brand,” Burberry highlights the actor’s long-standing admiration for the label. Son Suk-ku’s appointment follows Burberry’s trend of selecting influential South Korean celebrities as brand ambassadors, recognizing their appeal not only in their domestic market but also on a global scale.

In 2022, Burberry named actress Jun Ji-hyun as its first South Korean female ambassador, underscoring the brand’s commitment to diversifying its ambassador line-up. This strategic move reflects the significance of the Asian market for luxury brands like Burberry.

Moreover, Burberry’s engagement with Chinese ambassadors, such as award-winning actress Tang Wei, further emphasizes the brand’s dedication to capturing the attention of Asian consumers. Tang Wei’s addition to Burberry’s ambassador line-up highlights the brand’s efforts to strengthen its presence in China, a key market for luxury goods.

Son Suk-ku’s appointment as a Burberry brand ambassador signifies the brand’s ongoing pursuit of global relevance and resonance with diverse audiences. As Burberry continues to expand its reach across Asia and beyond, the collaboration with Son Suk-ku reinforces its position as a leader in the luxury fashion industry.