Zeekr set to unveil first Luxury Sports Car

2 mins read

China’s prominent electric vehicle brand, Zeekr, a subsidiary of Geely Automobile, has announced its forthcoming entry into the luxury sports car market, unveiling its ambitious plans to introduce a high-end sports car with a price tag exceeding 1 million yuan ($140,000).

An insider familiar with the matter further revealed that Zeekr is poised to unveil the Zeekr 001 FR sports car in a matter of weeks, with an ambitious goal of delivering the inaugural batch of these coveted automobiles within the current year.

In a landscape where Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers have intensified their focus on developing cost-efficient offerings in response to a formidable price war ignited by Tesla earlier this year, some visionary companies are pivoting towards the upper echelons of the market, positioning themselves to offer high-performance luxury electric vehicles in pursuit of elevated profit margins.

This strategic shift is exemplified by BYD, which inaugurated its luxury brand Yangwang by launching an electric off-road SUV with a compelling starting price of 1.098 million yuan in January.

Zeekr, established as a premium electric vehicle brand in 2021, has already introduced a triumvirate of models tailored for discerning customers. These offerings, adorned with starting prices spanning from 189,800 yuan to 499,000 yuan, exemplify Zeekr’s commitment to delivering a range of electric vehicles that seamlessly blend opulence with advanced technology.

The foray into the luxury sports car segment not only underscores Zeekr’s ambition to carve a prominent niche within the electric vehicle domain but also reflects a broader industry trend where manufacturers seek to combine electrification with elevated luxury, appealing to a distinguished clientele with a penchant for sophistication and innovation.