Unmasking the Uber-like Private Jet service in Utah

Set Jet extends a cordial invitation through its monthly membership fee of $99, a commitment that can be terminated at any time

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Introducing a luxurious escape from the confines of bustling airports and interminable security queues – an opulent alternative that is no longer the exclusive domain of the super-wealthy or renowned luminaries. “Set Jet,” affectionately hailed as the “Uber of the skies,” is ushering an era of lavish travel accessible to everyday Utah residents.

Tom Smith, the visionary CEO and founder of Set Jet, astutely observes the prevailing sentiment towards modern travel, stating, “Nobody looks forward to traveling today. It’s a miserable experience. It’s just become a real hassle showing up two hours before. So we’re trying to give you that ultimate luxury that everybody sees on TV.”

Elevating the concept of private jet travel, Set Jet is a revolutionary disruptor, redefining conventional notions of air travel. The innovative approach invites passengers to reserve individual seats on one of the fleet’s five sumptuous private jets, eschewing the necessity to charter the entire aircraft.

While it isn’t a completely exclusive affair, Set Jet offers a tapestry of privileges akin to the opulence of a private jet. The indulgence commences with the freedom to bring along the first two bags and a carry-on item sans charge. Adding an endearing touch, pets weighing under 20 pounds are treated as esteemed passengers, reclining alongside their companions without the confines of kennels.

Set Jet extends a cordial invitation through its monthly membership fee of $99, a commitment that can be terminated at any time. A constellation of flight options unveils ten distinctive destinations across the Western expanse, whisking travellers to locales such as Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, San Diego, and even captivating vacation havens like Cabo, Mexico.

The price for a transformative journey to Scottsdale via Set Jet is a fixed $750 for a one-way voyage, an unwavering rate that stands in stark contrast to the dynamic pricing encountered elsewhere. Akin to a harmonious symphony, Set Jet harmonises timeframes, as the fare remains constant regardless of whether one plans meticulously four months in advance or seizes the opportunity merely an hour prior.

Already, an eclectic tapestry of Utah’s travel aficionados have embraced Set Jet, spanning an array of purposes from the occasional indulgence to the realm of daily commuters. In the realm of luxury travel, Set Jet has unfurled its opulent canvas, inviting the world to redefine their perception of soaring through the skies and transcending conventional boundaries.