Tokyo tops luxury shopping destinations

2 mins read

According to data from high-end travel curator Lartisien, Tokyo has secured the top spot as the world’s premier global luxury shopping destination. The analysis focused on cities celebrated for their prestigious designer boutiques, with Tokyo boasting an impressive 217 designer stores. The Ginza district in Tokyo emerged as the ultimate luxury shopping hub within the city.

Hong Kong claimed the second position on the list, featuring 211 designer stores. The city is renowned for its iconic malls like The Landmark and Elements, with Chanel dominating the luxury market.

Seoul secured the third spot with 210 designer boutiques, establishing itself as a rising luxury hub. The retail landscape is anchored by Asia’s largest underground mall, the Starfield Coex Mall.

Paris, known as the home of Europe’s largest luxury groups, ranked fourth, hosting 177 designer stores. The city offers a chic and romantic ambiance, particularly in locations like Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and The Golden Triangle.

New York rounded out the top five with 124 designer boutiques, featuring famous avenues like Madison and Fifth as leading luxury destinations.

Dubai claimed the sixth position with 121 designer shops, establishing itself as a true luxury hub with a tax-free lifestyle, a booming economy, and the world’s largest shopping mall, making it the top destination in the Middle East.

While London is often featured in the top three of global luxury lists, the UK city secured the seventh place on the global luxury landscape, hosting 112 luxury stores.

Los Angeles and Las Vegas secured the eighth and ninth positions, operating 83 and 71 designer stores, respectively. Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles is recognised as the celebrity lifestyle destination.

Milan rounded out the top ten with 69 luxury stores, often cited as Italy’s fashion capital. Upscale districts like Quadrilatero della Moda and renowned locations like Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II house flagship stores of global luxury brands.