Tapestry acquires Versace parent

Tapestry, the renowned fashion conglomerate behind iconic brands such as Coach and Kate Spade, has made a significant move in the luxury market by acquiring Capri Holdings

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Tapestry, the renowned fashion conglomerate behind iconic brands such as Coach and Kate Spade, has made a significant move in the luxury market by acquiring Capri Holdings, the parent company of prestigious labels Versace and Michael Kors. This strategic consolidation, valued at approximately $8.5 billion, underscores the evolving landscape of opulence.

As part of this merger, shareholders of Capri Holdings are set to receive a handsome sum of $57 per share in cash. The combined prowess of these two eminent entities commands a staggering $12 billion in total revenue, marking a monumental synergy in the luxury sector.

This alliance brings together two prominent American titans, uniting their portfolios of distinguished luxury brands in response to shifting consumer trends. The collaboration holds particular significance as high-end retailers navigate the changing dynamics of consumer spending patterns, notably in discretionary sectors.

Among the six prestigious brands under the Tapestry and Capri umbrella are coveted names like Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman, which collectively define sophistication and elegance.

For Tapestry, this acquisition serves as a strategic catalyst to extend its influence across the expanse of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In turn, Capri’s esteemed brands will find increased exposure within the vibrant luxury market of Asia.

The visionary leaders at the helm of both companies emphasise that this integration will amplify the availability of their exquisite handbags, footwear, and apparel to a broader audience spanning across an impressive 75 countries. Beyond mere expansion, this collaboration also presents an opportunity to fortify their direct-to-consumer endeavours while achieving an ambitious $200 million in operational and supply-chain cost savings within a span of three years.

Joanne Crevoiserat, the Chief Executive of Tapestry, eloquently articulates, “Bringing these six brands together creates a new and potent global luxury powerhouse, unlocking unparalleled opportunities to enrich the lives of our valued consumers, dedicated employees, and the communities we serve worldwide.”

Echoing this sentiment, John D. Idol, the Chief Executive of Capri, emphasises, “By uniting with Tapestry, we are poised to harness enhanced resources and capabilities that will accelerate the global expansion of our brands, all while preserving the distinctive essence that defines each.”

In the stock market realm, Tapestry experienced a nominal decline of 3 percent prior to market commencement on the day of the announcement. Conversely, Capri witnessed a remarkable upswing of nearly 60 percent. Prior to this pivotal news, Capri’s stock had concluded just shy of $35.

This strategic maneuvre comes at a juncture when the luxury sector is navigating a period of moderated growth, particularly evident in the North American market. Even among the higher echelons of income, consumers have exhibited a propensity to curtail expenditures. This landscape has spurred Tapestry and Capri to turn their gaze toward international markets as a means to invigorate growth. As a united entity, they are better equipped to embark on audacious international ventures.

Furthermore, this acquisition bestows upon Tapestry an augmented prestige within the echelons of luxury, as analysts observe. Craig Johnson, President of consultancy Customer Growth Partners, notes that while Tapestry has aspired to establish itself as a quintessential “house of luxury,” its existing brands have largely inhabited the realm of near-luxe rather than true opulence. With Capri in the fold, Tapestry gains a foothold in the authentic luxury domain, with the potential for Versace to emerge as the ultimate gem.

In the latest fiscal quarter, Tapestry celebrated a remarkable 13 percent surge in net sales. In contrast, Capri reported a decline of 10.5 percent in revenue during its corresponding quarter.

Notably, Tapestry is poised to unveil its quarterly and full-year earnings on August 17th, offering further insight into the dynamic evolution of this newly-forged luxury powerhouse.