This is a swiss watch, Audemars Piguet not Breitling

Swiss Luxury Watch Brand Sets Sail in Chennai with Launch

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Swiss luxury watch brand Breitling has made its grand debut in Chennai with the opening of its first exclusive boutique. Situated on the upper ground floor of Phoenix Palladium Mall in Velachery, Chennai, this boutique marks Breitling’s second exclusive store in India.

Sarath Kumar, assistant manager at The Phoenix Mills Ltd., shared the exciting news on LinkedIn, showcasing images of the newly unveiled store. The boutique joins a lineup of esteemed luxury watch brands housed within the mall, including Horology, Ethos, Montblanc, and Omega, among others.

Breitling’s expansion in India doesn’t stop here, as the brand gears up to inaugurate two additional exclusive boutique outlets in Hyderabad and Bengaluru in the near future. This move underscores Breitling’s commitment to enhancing its presence in key markets across the country.

Founded in 1884 by Swiss watchmaker Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier, the brand has a rich heritage spanning over 140 years. In 2022, Partners Group, a Swiss investment and private equity firm, acquired the majority stake in Breitling. Today, the esteemed watchmaker enjoys a global presence, with a footprint extending across 23 countries.

In India, Breitling currently operates through its exclusive store in Hyderabad, along with various multi-brand watch retailers such as Ethos, Horology, and Kapoor Watch, among others. With the launch of its boutique in Chennai and plans for further expansion, Breitling is poised to captivate Indian luxury watch enthusiasts with its exquisite timepieces and timeless craftsmanship.