Santoni Unveils Exclusive Pop-Up Store at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Italian luxury footwear brand Santoni has brought its exquisite craftsmanship and heritage to the heart of New York City with the launch of an exclusive pop-up store at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Running until May 19, the pop-up store at Saks Fifth Avenue captures the essence of Santoni’s heritage, drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of the Le Marche region near Italy’s Adriatic Coast. The installation boasts a colour palette reminiscent of lush spring hills, vibrant blooms, and captivating sunsets, offering visitors an immersive experience into Santoni’s world of luxury.

At the forefront of the pop-up is the debut of the Carlo suede loafer, a highlight from Santoni’s Spring Summer Collection, aptly named the Souvenir Collection. Exemplifying Santoni’s dedication to agility, lightness, and enduring style, the Carlo suede loafer seamlessly blends the art of movement with the brand’s rich heritage.

Headquartered in Corridonia, nestled in the Marche region, Santoni’s legacy extends beyond footwear, with recent ventures into the handbag division, including the introduction of ThePluto style.

With a workforce of 700 residents from Corridonia, out of a total population of 8,000, Santoni remains deeply rooted in its Italian origins, infusing every creation with unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Explore the brand’s exclusive pop-up at Saks Fifth Avenue and immerse yourself in the world of Santoni luxury.