Rivers Casino plans new boutique luxury hotel

The forthcoming upscale hotel, spanning four levels within this adaptive reuse complex, is a harmonious embodiment of luxury and elegance

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Introducing the forthcoming epitome of opulence and leisure, Riversuites, a lavish casino hotel poised to grace the waterfront with its majestic presence, offering unrivalled vistas of the iconic Ben Franklin Bridge. As anticipation mounts, this exquisite property is set to unveil its splendour by the close of the year 2023.

Nestled within the historic and vibrant Fishtown neighbourhood, the illustrious Riversuites is an integral part of The Battery, an extraordinary redevelopment project undertaken by Lubert-Adler Real Estate Funds at the distinguished Delaware Power Station. This architectural marvel, originally crafted in the revered Beaux-Arts classical revival style by the renowned Philadelphia architect John Windrim, is undergoing a captivating transformation with a total investment of $154 million.

The forthcoming upscale hotel, spanning four levels within this adaptive reuse complex, is a harmonious embodiment of luxury and elegance. Positioned along the serene waterfront, Riversuites will enchant its discerning guests with panoramic views of the tranquil Delaware River, stretching beyond the horizons to embrace the picturesque landscapes of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Immersed in the heart of a lively enclave, The Battery comes to life with a plethora of culinary delights, coffee havens, artisanal breweries, distilleries, high-end boutiques, and captivating art galleries lining its walkable streets. This fusion of culture, leisure, and refined living promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, offering an unparalleled lifestyle destination.

Leonard Klehr, the esteemed vice chairman of Lubert-Adler, eloquently expresses the visionary essence behind this transformative project: “We envisioned an unparalleled waterfront experience nestled within the historical PECO power plant, a haven where a flourishing residential community and an eclectic tapestry of commercial ventures converge, breathing life into an underutilised gem within the city. Witnessing our vision come to fruition is truly exhilarating, as we extend our warm welcome to our inaugural residents and herald the splendid announcement of Rivers Casino’s exquisite new waterfront hotel.”

Elevating the essence of luxury living, Riversuites will debut with an impressive array of 62 sumptuous suites, ranging from an expansive 854 square feet to a grandeur of 2,266 square feet. Guests will indulge in one-, two-, and three-bedroom options, each meticulously designed to encapsulate sophistication and comfort. The seamless integration of a full kitchen within each suite, coupled with the allure of bi-level lofts and charming patios, presents an unparalleled realm of relaxation.

Transcending convention, Riversuites redefines hospitality with an array of both traditional and avant-garde amenities. Evoking a sense of community and productivity, co-working spaces harmoniously coexist with inviting lobby lounges. Engaging recreational options such as a billiards table and an indoor basketball court provide avenues for leisure and entertainment.

The architectural magnificence of Riversuites is crafted by the illustrious Koo Architecture of Chicago, while the overall architectural design of The Battery is masterfully orchestrated by Strada of Philadelphia. This visionary establishment is set to be operated by Rivers Casino Philadelphia, an illustrious entity owned and managed by the prestigious Rush Street Gaming and its distinguished affiliates. This esteemed endeavour represents a privately funded investment of $7 million, a testament to the unwavering dedication to delivering an unparalleled luxury experience.

The sprawling 22-acre waterfront expanse of the casino seamlessly connects with The Battery through the charming Delaware Riverwalk, allowing guests a leisurely eight-minute stroll between these two icons of sophistication. The casino’s commitment to unparalleled service is further exemplified through a complimentary 24/7 shuttle service, adorned with 24/7 security, along with the convenience of 24/7 valet parking.

As the grandeur of Riversuites beckons, Eric Althaus, the esteemed general manager of the casino, heralds the introduction of an unprecedented level of luxury: “For our cherished VIPs and esteemed visitors seeking an exquisite overnight escape, Rivers Casino Philadelphia is delighted to present an array of penthouse-style suites that will redefine their expectations. Our exclusive luxury suites collection is poised to offer a realm of opulence and refinement that remains unrivalled, a privilege reserved solely for those who seek the extraordinary at Rivers Philly.”