Rebag Launches Rebag+ Membership Programme

1 min read

Rebag, the prominent U.S. luxury resale company, has unveiled its latest offering: the Rebag+ membership programme. This new initiative aims to enhance the shopping experience for customers by providing flexible contributions and exclusive benefits.

At the heart of the Rebag+ programme is its unique feature of converting 100% of membership contributions into R+ Credit, which can be utilised for future purchases. Additionally, members enjoy a 2% monthly bonus on their contributions, potentially boosting their credit by up to 27% within a year.

One of the key highlights of Rebag+ is its flexibility. Members have the freedom to skip monthly contributions, cancel their membership, or request a refund of their R+ Credit at any time, providing a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, Rebag+ membership offers a range of exclusive benefits, including up to 10% lower prices on all items, access to weekly new arrivals and sales, free shipping and returns, and the possibility of receiving up to 5% increased seller offers.

Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of Rebag, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Rebag+ is a testament to our commitment to providing the ultimate luxury resale experience. By allowing our customers to fund now and buy later, we continue to invest in customer relationships and set new standards in the industry.”

Joining Rebag+ is simple, requiring a minimum contribution of $50 per month or $500 annually. Founded in 2014, Rebag specialises in trading, buying, and selling luxury accessory items, including handbags, fine jewellery, and watches.