Quay Teams Up with Sza for Music-Inspired Sunglasses

1 min read

Quay, the renowned global eyewear brand, joins forces with Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Sza for an electrifying new sunglasses collection inspired by music and self-expression. The exclusive edit, unveiled for spring, features a vibrant array of colours, oversized frames, and statement styles that encapsulate the dynamic energy of the acclaimed artist.

Comprising eight distinct sunglass designs, the collection showcases Sza’s multifaceted persona, from her spiritual depth to her playful and glamorous allure. Highlight pieces include TTYL, a Y2K-inspired rimless style with apricot-tinted lenses, and ON SET, a bold wraparound shade adorned with studs and a brushed gold frame.

The collaboration, aptly named ‘Sides of SZA’, celebrates individuality and creativity through the lens of the artist, with a campaign that explores the various facets of her personality. Coinciding with Sza’s scheduled appearances at summer festivals worldwide, the collection embodies the spirit of music and self-expression.

Quay’s deep-rooted connection to music amplifies the partnership, reflecting its origins in the music festival scene. The brand’s history of collaborations with influential figures, including Danielle Guizio, Jennifer Lopez, and Kylie Jenner, further underscores its affinity for creative expression and innovation.

The latest collection launch, available online this week, extends Quay’s global reach, inviting customers to embrace bold and eclectic eyewear styles that resonate with the vibrancy of music and individuality.