Polene enters Asia, sets up shop at Omotesando

3 mins read

Polene, the illustrious Parisian purveyor of luxury leather goods, has undertaken a strategic foray into the thriving Asian market, unfurling the doors to its maiden flagship emporium in Japan’s prestigious Omotesando district.

The inauguration of this two-story retail haven stands as a testament to Polene’s ambitious global expansion drive, firmly establishing itself as a triumvirate of flagship destinations alongside its hallowed addresses in Paris and New York. Conceived under the artistic vision of French architect Valeriane Lazard, the Polene Omotesando boutique faithfully adheres to the brand’s enduring commitment to an “elegant and sophisticated” aesthetic ethos, mirroring the design blueprint that has come to characterise its other global outposts.

The exterior facade of this opulent enclave exudes an understated allure, with mineral-hued walls and a towering glass frontage that beckons discerning shoppers to explore its treasures within. Inside, the ambiance resonates with warmth, courtesy of natural oak wood flooring and an array of meticulously crafted leather lighting fixtures. The walls, resplendent in their finish, are adorned with sand plaster, meticulously tinted to harmonise with Polene’s distinctive colour palette.

Among the many bespoke features of this emporium, a lacquered pedestal, exclusively designed for the Omotesando establishment, takes centre stage. This exquisite piece of artistry is the handiwork of Makino Shikkogei, a venerable collective of Kyoto-based lacquer artisans whose lineage traces back to 1929. The boutique further collaborates with the esteemed glassmaker Emmanuel Barrois to fashion captivating installations that grace its interior, elevating the shopping experience to an artistic realm.

While Polene’s reputation has been firmly rooted in its exceptional leather goods, this flagship also marks a notable milestone as the sole point of sale in Asia for the brand’s latest venture: a dazzling collection of jewellery. This strategic diversification reflects Polene’s proactive approach to meet the evolving tastes and demands of its discerning clientele.

The illustrious French House of Polene was birthed in 2016 through the collaborative vision of three visionary siblings. The brand’s distinct allure lies in its artful fusion of minimalism and creative expression, resulting in a portfolio of leather goods that boast unique and signature shapes. Polene’s elegant foray into the bustling heart of Tokyo’s luxury retail scene is poised to not only enthrall the city’s fashion aficionados but also serve as a compelling testament to the enduring allure of French craftsmanship and design.