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Palazzo Versace Macau Opens its Doors to a New Era of Luxury

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In a grand celebration, Palazzo Versace Macau marked a significant milestone in the world of luxury hospitality. Situated in the heart of Macau, this architectural masterpiece seamlessly merges Versace’s iconic glamour with the city’s rich cultural heritage.

The grand opening event was a star-studded affair, graced by the presence of Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer of Versace, who warmly welcomed the crème de la crème of society. The evening was a perfect blend of Versace’s flamboyant design ethos and Macau’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

The event kicked off under the majestic gaze of a dragon installation, symbolising both the auspicious Year of the Dragon and the harmonious fusion of Versace’s opulence with Macau’s cultural richness.

Donatella Versace expressed her delight at the grand opening, stating, “I’m delighted to celebrate the opening of this truly beautiful Palazzo Versace here in Macau… It’s wonderful to bring together so many friends for such a special event to mark the opening.”

Adding a musical touch to the evening, Grammy-winning artist John Legend serenaded the guests, elevating the celebration to new heights.

Daisy Ho, Managing Director of SJM Resorts, S.A., highlighted the vision behind the Palazzo Versace Macau, aiming to transform Macau into a beacon of ultra-luxury hospitality. The resort’s design seamlessly blends east-meets-west aesthetics, interpreted with unparalleled finesse by Versace.

The Grand Lisboa Palace, now home to Palazzo Versace Macau, stands as a testament to Macau’s evolving legacy as a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure. With the addition of the only couture-focused designer hotel in Macau, the city now offers an ultra-luxe branded hospitality experience unlike any other.

The grand opening was a symphony of luxurious experiences, from soul-stirring musical performances to breathtaking art exhibitions and culinary delights that paid homage to Chinese cuisine.

With 271 rooms and suites, Palazzo Versace Macau invites guests to indulge in Italian craftsmanship and design, accentuated by local Chinese motifs. From exquisite Italian dining options to wellness retreats, the hotel promises an unparalleled luxury experience.