NEOM unveils plan for island golf course

NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, the opulent enclave of Sindalah is poised to unveil an unprecedented marvel – the region's inaugural island golf course.

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Nestled amidst the azure waters off the coastline of the illustrious NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, the opulent enclave of Sindalah is poised to unveil an unprecedented marvel – the region’s inaugural island golf course.

The announcement, emanating from NEOM on a resplendent Thursday, resonates with elegance as it heralds a collaboration with IMG Golf Course Services, an alliance orchestrated to orchestrate pre-opening, marketing, and management services, as eloquently conveyed through an official statement disseminated to the discerning media.

In the words of Antoni Vives, the esteemed Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer at NEOM, “Sindalah stands as the tangible manifestation of NEOM’s splendour, poised to unfurl its allure to the global stage. It will emerge as a novel and exotic haven for golf aficionados, exuding an ambiance unrivalled in its grandeur.”

A tapestry of year-round indulgence awaits avid golf enthusiasts, an enthralling 6,474-yard (5,920 meter) par 70 golf course graced with nine resplendent holes and eighteen alluring teeing points. Adding to this allure is a sprawling 280-meter driving range, where golfers can hone their prowess beneath the vast expanse of cerulean skies.

However, it is not just the breathtaking greens that await the discerning connoisseurs; nestled within the heart of this golfing haven lie the avant-garde golf practice suites, replete with cutting-edge ball tracking technology and immersive statistics feedback. These suites stand as a testament to the commitment to nurturing excellence and refinement in the realm of golf.

Meticulously curated by the virtuoso hands of Robert Trent Jones Jr., the golf course manifests an unwavering dedication to elevated ecological and social standards, epitomised by its impending GEO certification – a testament to the harmonious fusion of luxury and sustainability.

Beyond the greens, the island’s splendour encompasses the Sindalah Golf Academy, a realm of enlightenment where myriad performance studios await. Here, the latest in custom-fitting and golf-learning technology will sculpt aficionados into paragons of precision.

The crescendo of indulgence continues with the resplendent onsite sports club, an oasis of wellness embracing a fully-equipped gymnasium, an Olympic-sized gem of a swimming pool, a sanctuary of serenity in the form of a spa, and courts that echo with the exhilarating sounds of sportsmanship.

Sindalah basks in its perch within the embrace of the Red Sea, a jewel within a constellation of islands adorning NEOM’s celestial tapestry. This distinguished collection is set to house an opulent yachting haven envisioned by a luminary Italian designer, a triumvirate of magnificent luxury hotels, an epicurean symphony of restaurants, and the crown jewel – ‘The Village,’ a reverie for the connoisseurs of luxury retail, a haven boasting 51 enclaves of opulence.

In a harmonious ballet of anticipation, Sindalah is poised to unveil its splendour in the first quarter of 2024, an enchanting overture to a symphony of luxury, curated to mesmerise the senses and etch unforgettable memories into the annals of time.