Neom unveils new luxury tourism project

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Siranna is a luxury destination designed to combine elegant and innovative living, offering a lifestyle without compromise. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, this ultra-luxurious space features a hexagonal design and is home to a 65-key hotel and 35 exclusive residences.

The unique hexagonal pillars of Siranna emerge from the rugged coastal terrain, providing distinctive and complementary structures to the surrounding mountains and flora. The tiered design offers uninterrupted views of the Red Sea, providing diverse perspectives for residents and guests.

Access to Siranna is facilitated via waterborne transportation, with guests journeying through natural rock formations to reach the property’s entrance. The destination emphasises fostering original thinking and relaxation, providing a retreat from the noise and disruptions of everyday life in a chic setting.

Siranna offers a range of amenities, including a signature beach club, spas, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, sophisticated dining options, and entertainment venues catering to various tastes and interests. The development prioritises minimal intervention in nature, employing thoughtful and deliberate techniques to preserve the surrounding landscape. The architecture pays homage to the local heritage and seamlessly blends into the adjoining mountains and wadi.

As part of Neom’s efforts to create sustainable spaces that support future living and nurture creativity, Siranna joins other recent sustainable tourism destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba, such as Leyja and Epicon. The development aligns with the broader vision of Neom to create environmentally conscious and luxurious hospitality experiences in harmony with nature.