NEOM announces luxury tourist site

2 mins read

Saudi Arabia’s futuristic NEOM project, valued at $500 billion, has unveiled Epicon, a premium tourism destination along the Gulf of Aqaba. Aligned with sustainability goals, Epicon incorporates eco-friendly practices and innovative design to blend with its coastal environment. The destination offers a variety of experiences, including beach club leisure activities, wellness programs, exploration of natural landscapes, and fine dining options.

Epicon features two towers—one reaching 225 meters and the other 275 meters—housing a luxury hotel with 41 high-end tourist apartments and exclusive residential suites. The development also includes a resort with 120 rooms and 45 beachfront villas, along with amenities like gyms, libraries, co-working spaces, swimming pools, and lounges, all maintaining a luxury status. The project aims to cater to both visitors seeking a getaway and residents looking for a high-end living experience.

This announcement follows the introduction of Leyja, another NEOM initiative focusing on sustainable tourism. Leyja, launched in October, is designed to be a multifaceted destination, supporting Saudi Arabia’s ambitions under Vision 2030 to build a robust and sustainable tourism industry. Epicon, along with Leyja, reflects NEOM’s commitment to utilising natural landscapes innovatively and sustainably.

Epicon is set to preserve 95% of its area for nature, employing innovative ecological design and construction techniques. The project includes three environmentally sustainable hotels offering various experiences, such as fine dining, rooftop infinity-style pools, hiking, and mountain biking. Epicon’s development aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy of diversifying its economy and establishing itself as a major player in the global luxury tourism market, as outlined in Vision 2030.