Meliá Hotels unveils plan for new Luxury Hotel by 2025

Meliá Hotels International has unveiled its latest opulent gem set to grace the vibrant tapestry of Mexico's luxury hospitality landscape.

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Meliá Hotels International has unveiled its latest opulent gem set to grace the vibrant tapestry of Mexico’s luxury hospitality landscape. This forthcoming addition, a splendid testament to the ME by Meliá brand, is poised to illuminate the picturesque cityscape of San Miguel de Allende with unparalleled elegance.

Currently in the meticulous stages of construction, the new ME sanctuary is poised to make its grand debut in the year 2025, ushering in a realm of sophistication and indulgence. Envisioned as a haven of refinement, this lavish establishment will house 140 exquisite rooms, each bearing the hallmark attributes that define the ME by Meliá legacy. As guests step into this enchanting oasis, they will find themselves embraced by a symphony of unparalleled culinary experiences within a captivating restaurant. A sanctuary of rejuvenation awaits at the luxurious spa, while a cutting-edge gym beckons those seeking invigoration. The zenith of this urban sanctuary is crowned by an exclusive rooftop bar, where panoramic vistas of the cityscape create an ethereal backdrop for unforgettable moments.

For ME by Meliá, the hotel in San Miguel de Allende marks a significant juncture in its illustrious Mexican journey, becoming the fourth jewel in its crown across the country. This distinguished collection encompasses the renowned ME Cabo, with the future ME Guadalajara and ME Sayulita poised to continue this legacy. The selection of San Miguel de Allende as the canvas for this luxurious masterpiece underscores the city’s magnetic allure for discerning travellers in pursuit of authentic cultural immersion.

Nestled in the heart of Mexico within the embrace of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende has garnered international acclaim, having been bestowed the title of ‘Best City in the World’ multiple times in the esteemed Travel + Leisure Awards. With UNESCO’s recognition as a World Heritage Site, the city serves as a living testament to the passage of time, preserving its storied essence while captivating aficionados of history, culture, and architectural marvels. Cobblestone streets adorned with colonial architectural treasures reveal a vibrant tapestry of traditions, artistry, and gastronomic delights. The city has witnessed a surge in tourism over the past years, enchanting both domestic and international travellers seeking an authentic immersion into Mexico’s rich tapestry.

This remarkable venture reflects Meliá’s steadfast dedication to the Mexican market and its ambitious pursuit of excellence within the luxury realm. Presently, the company operates seven hotels, with an equivalent number poised to grace the horizon between the present year and 2025. This visionary expansion signals a transformative shift, propelling Meliá’s luxury brand portfolio to constitute over 80% of its esteemed collection within this captivating country.

The addition of the illustrious ME by Meliá haven in San Miguel de Allende underscores Meliá Hotels International’s unwavering commitment to crafting unparalleled experiences within the world’s most enticing destinations. Having left an indelible imprint across vibrant urban and leisure havens such as Ibiza, London, Barcelona, Milan, and Dubai, the ME by Meliá brand now adds San Miguel de Allende’s ineffable enchantment to its illustrious lineage, infusing its legacy with a dash of this city’s unparalleled magic.