Maybach to raise the bar with new models

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The name Maybach has long been synonymous with opulence within the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, but recent rumblings from within the German automaker suggest that Maybach is poised to ascend even higher into the echelons of ultra-luxury. Currently comprising the high-end variants of the S-class, EQS SUV, and GLS models, the Maybach lineup is set to expand, welcoming new additions in the form of the brand’s coveted “Myth” or “Legend” vehicles. These extraordinary automobiles are distinguished either by their eye-watering price tags as limited-run editions or by their status as exclusive one-offs crafted for discerning collectors.

In the already illustrious Maybach lineup, which includes the sumptuous Mercedes-Maybach S-class and GLS, enthusiasts can expect the arrival of a new jewel in the crown, the Mercedes-Maybach SL. This forthcoming offering promises to eclipse all others in terms of sheer extravagance, with a lavishness per square inch of sheet metal that rivals bespoke Kahn or Mansory conversions. However, to bridge the narrow chasm between Bentley and Rolls-Royce that Maybach aspires to, a mere ornamentation overhaul won’t suffice.

“Our vision is to transform Maybach into a coachbuilt super-Mercedes, elevating personalisation to unprecedented heights,” confided a senior decision-maker at Mercedes-Benz. The path to this lofty goal involves unique body panels and, ultimately, fully custom-made body-in-white creations. In a parallel development, BMW is reportedly exploring a similar trajectory for its upscale Alpina brand. While the current Maybach range shows no signs of sunset, the next flagship sedan, derived from Mercedes’ forthcoming MB.EA-L matrix, will not only receive its distinct livery but also feature an individually tailored hyperscreen and virtual-reality trim.

Enter the “Legend” cars, which occupy an even more exalted orbit. These vehicles command price tags that can effortlessly ascend into seven figures, as they are defined by their extreme rarity, exceptional performance, and exquisite craftsmanship. The bounds of imagination know no restraint, as evidenced by some of the tantalising proposals currently under consideration:

  • Reborn Gullwing: A 2+2 sports car infused with the genes of the iconic W198 300SL, with the potential for a roadster spinoff.
  • The Ultimate SEC-Class: A pillar-less four-door, four-seater luxury coupe epitomising opulence.
  • Panamericana Cruiser: An all-terrain SUV with a low roofline, based on the new electric G-wagen platform.
  • C111 Reimagined: The working title for the recently unveiled orange Vision One-Eleven concept.
  • GLR Slantback: A coupé-like G-class variant with a canvas-top pickup rear end.
  • AMG EQR Two: An electric successor to the complex F1-inspired AMG One hypercar.
  • EQS Shooting Brake: The epitome of luxury wagons featuring a multifunctional roof.

EQS SUV Streamliner: A crossover with the world’s lowest drag coefficient.
Within the Maybach think tank, the ethos of “anything goes” isn’t a mere catchphrase; it’s a guiding principle. When asked about the key elements of luxury, Mercedes executives consistently emphasise the importance of space, privacy, and exclusivity. High on their list are also extraordinary quality and craftsmanship, top-tier safety and comfort, autonomous-ready software and hardware, and rapid EV charging—five minutes or less. The emotional appeal of luxury cars, the unique feel of their interiors, and the concept of an automobile as a high-end mobile retreat, blending living room comfort with a tranquil driving and riding experience, further define their vision of luxury.

According to Markus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer at Mercedes-Benz, luxury is not an end in itself, but a message and a mission wrapped in an unrivalled cocoon. “At the end of the day,” he asserts, “the marque’s understanding of luxury is to be the ultimate purveyor of quality time on the go—CO2-neutral, stress-negative, response-positive, and executed with unparalleled uniqueness.” As Maybach ascends to the pinnacle of luxury, it seeks to redefine the automotive experience in a manner that transcends boundaries and captivates the most discerning of connoisseurs.