Lucid cuts prices for luxury sedan

Unsurprisingly, Tesla responded with characteristic vigour, endeavouring to reclaim its dominance in the luxury EV space.

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Lucid Motors, the distinguished American luxury electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has embarked on a strategic repositioning of its Lucid Air luxury EV sedan lineup in the United States, unveiling a sweeping reduction in prices across all trim levels. The enthralling price adjustments range from $10,000 to $20,000, marking a compelling advancement in the realm of luxury electric mobility.

The inauguration of Lucid’s groundbreaking Lucid Air was heralded in September 2020, a moment that witnessed the birth of the first EV to surpass the driving range of the Tesla Model S Long Range. The pinnacle of this endeavour was exemplified by the Lucid Air Grand Touring edition, gracing the automotive world with an astounding range of 832 kilometres, followed by the equally remarkable second-tier Touring edition, boasting an impressive range of approximately 654 kilometres.

A remarkable reception saw the Lucid Air Dream Edition, a special commemorative model celebrating the dawn of the Lucid Air era, swiftly selling out. The initial wave of these exceptional vehicles commenced their journeys on roads across the globe in 2021, sparking a captivating evolution in luxury electric travel.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla responded with characteristic vigour, endeavouring to reclaim its dominance in the luxury EV space. Tesla’s response included not only a commitment to price reductions but also the elevation of the Model S’s driving range.

Fast forward to the present, a recent revelation by Inside EVs showcased Lucid’s resolute commitment to enhancing accessibility to its premium electric offerings. This noteworthy endeavour manifested through substantial price reductions and updated lease terms for all three Lucid Air trim levels – the Pure, Touring, and Grand Touring.

The Lucid Air Pure AWD, a potent embodiment of power with its 480-horsepower prowess, now commands a starting price of $82,400, reflecting an impressive price reduction of $10,650. Similarly, the alluring mid-range Lucid Air Touring, and its high-octane counterpart, the 1,050-horsepower Lucid Air Grand Touring, both embrace a marked reduction of $12,550, resonating with the essence of affordable luxury.

Lucid Motors has astutely delineated that these strategic price adjustments signify an expansion of their comprehensive sales and marketing initiatives, thoughtfully designed to harness the burgeoning brand awareness and galvanise demand and deliveries.

Beyond this transformative shift, Lucid Motors has also set its sights on a forthcoming, more accessible entry-level variant, the Air Pure RWD, a model poised to grace the market with a tantalising starting price in the vicinity of $77,400.

This announcement dovetails with the revelation of Lucid Motors’ second-quarter financial report, where the company reaffirmed its ambitious target to produce over 10,000 vehicles in the current year. While the second quarter saw the delivery of 1,404 vehicles and the first quarter witnessed 2,314 vehicle deliveries, Lucid remains resolute in its pursuit of production milestones.

Peter Rawlinson, Lucid’s visionary CEO and CTO, articulated the company’s ongoing journey, noting, “Our trajectory remains on course to fulfil our 2023 production goal of surpassing 10,000 vehicles. While progress is evident, we acknowledge the need to continue expanding our customer base. The forthcoming months will witness the debut of exciting new additions, including the commencement of Lucid Air Sapphire and Lucid Air Pure Rear Wheel Drive production, culminating in the highly anticipated unveiling of our new SUV, Lucid Gravity, set to grace the stage this November.”