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London’s BT Tower to Transform into Luxury Hotel in £275m Deal

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The BT Tower, a quintessential part of London’s skyline, has been acquired by American hotel chain MCR for a staggering £275 million.

Standing tall since its inauguration in 1964, the BT Tower holds a significant place in London’s architectural history, once reigning as the city’s tallest structure until 1980. Now, with the sale to MCR, the tower is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation, transitioning into a luxury Grade-II listed hotel.

BT Group’s property director, Brent Mathews, expressed enthusiasm for the tower’s new chapter, highlighting MCR’s commitment to preserving its legacy while infusing it with a fresh purpose for future generations.

MCR’s ambitious plans include partnering with renowned London-based Heatherwick Studio to reimagine the tower’s interiors and design, ensuring a seamless blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

With this acquisition, MCR expands its illustrious portfolio to encompass approximately 150 hotels worldwide, adding another iconic landmark to its collection, alongside notable properties like the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport and the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York.

Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR Hotels, echoed the sentiment of honouring the tower’s heritage while propelling it into a new era of hospitality, as a luxury hotel, promising to create an unforgettable experience for guests.

While beloved by many, the BT Tower has had its share of controversy, earning both accolades and critiques over the years. Despite its tumultuous past, the tower remains an enduring symbol of London’s skyline, poised to welcome guests from around the globe as a beacon of luxury and elegance in the heart of the city.