L’Occitane Owner Plans €7 Billion Takeover Bid

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Reports have emerged of Reinold Geiger’s strategic move to reclaim control of L’Occitane International, with a proposed €7 billion takeover bid aimed at delisting the French cosmetics conglomerate from the Hong Kong stock exchange. Geiger, the chairman and majority shareholder, seeks to consolidate ownership and streamline operations amidst evolving market dynamics.

Expected to submit a bid of 33 to 34 Hong Kong dollars per share, Geiger’s proposal signifies a significant valuation for L’Occitane, reflecting its robust performance and growth trajectory. The potential delisting underscores Geiger’s vision to align the company’s strategic direction with his long-term objectives.

In advanced discussions with investors and banks, including American private equity giant Blackstone, Geiger’s bid marks a pivotal moment for L’Occitane, poised to redefine its corporate structure and market positioning. The proposed deal, if successful, could facilitate financial restructuring and unlock new growth opportunities for the cosmetics group.

L’Occitane, with reported sales of €2.1 billion in the last fiscal year, faces a transformative moment as it navigates shifting consumer preferences and market dynamics. The acquisition of brands like Sol de Janeiro and Melvita has diversified its portfolio, with the Americas region emerging as a key growth driver alongside its longstanding presence in Asia.

The potential delisting from the Hong Kong stock exchange reflects L’Occitane’s evolving business landscape and strategic imperatives, with Geiger at the helm driving forward a vision for sustained growth and market leadership.