Liberty Launches Bridgerton-Inspired Fabric Collection

2 mins read

Liberty, the iconic department store and fabrics specialist, has unveiled a captivating collaboration with Netflix’s acclaimed series Bridgerton. Timed to coincide with the highly anticipated third season of the Regency-era drama, the Bridgerton collection features a range of exquisite botanical fabrics.

Crafted in artistic partnership between Liberty Fabrics and Bridgerton, the collection comprises nine floral prints that intertwine Liberty’s rich print heritage with the enthralling narrative of the hit TV show. Drawing inspiration from Liberty’s extensive archive, each design is a contemporary reinterpretation of motifs from the Regency era, ranging from intricate floral details to opulent grand displays.

Designer Huishan Zhang has further elevated the collaboration by creating a stunning couture gown using one of the Belgravia Silk fabrics from the collection. Actress Hannah Dodd, known for her role in Bridgerton, brings the collection to life, adding a touch of glamour to the launch.

According to Liberty, the collaboration with Bridgerton is a testament to both brands’ shared passion for storytelling and visionary approach to history. With roots dating back to the 1800s, Liberty has been at the forefront of arts and design for almost 150 years, making it the perfect partner for the modernized interpretation of Regency England portrayed in Bridgerton.

The Bridgerton collection is divided into three chapters, each offering a unique perspective on the era’s botanical motifs. “Penelope’s Garden” celebrates the exuberant blooms of Regency gardens and frivolous parties, while “Regency Bouquet” evokes opulent displays inspired by society balls. Finally, “Botanical Trellis” focuses on intricate floral details and meandering foliage, drawing from archive prints spanning the 1800s.

With each print available in three colorways, the Bridgerton collection offers a contemporary yet timeless take on historic elegance. From fashion enthusiasts to interior designers, this collaboration invites individuals to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Bridgerton through Liberty’s signature botanical prints.