Levi Strauss Resolves Trademark Dispute with Brunello Cucinelli

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In a significant development in the fashion industry, Levi Strauss has reached a settlement in its legal dispute with Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli regarding the use of Levi’s trademarked rectangular pocket tab. The resolution was conveyed to a federal judge in Oakland, California, with Levi choosing to dismiss the case with prejudice, indicating that it cannot be brought up again.

The lawsuit, initiated by Levi Strauss in January, alleged that Brunello Cucinelli’s clothing contained “nearly identical” copies of Levi’s trademarked tab, which the denim retailer has held since 1938. The legal battle sparked settlement talks shortly after Levi filed the lawsuit, leading to this recent resolution.

Levi Strauss, headquartered in San Francisco, has a history of vigorously protecting its trademarks through litigation. The company has previously settled similar disputes with other fashion brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo, citing the potential confusion among consumers and the risk of harm to its goodwill.

Details of the settlement between Levi Strauss and Brunello Cucinelli were not immediately disclosed, and representatives from both companies refrained from providing immediate comments on the resolution.

This resolution marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts by fashion brands to safeguard their intellectual property rights in a competitive industry landscape.