Italy launches new luxury and tourist train operation

FS Treni Turistici Italiani not only meets the burgeoning demand for luxurious travel experiences but also champions the ethos of sustainable exploration

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Embarking on a grand voyage to elevate the realm of rail travel into an exquisite tapestry of luxury and leisure, the esteemed national operator FS Group has unveiled the splendid creation of FS Treni Turistici Italiani. This visionary endeavour is set to redefine the essence of train services, seamlessly weaving them into the fabric of an idyllic holiday experience, where each journey becomes an enchanting chapter in the narrative of luxury travel.

Within the embrace of FS Treni Turistici Italiani, three distinct realms beckon discerning travellers:

  1. Luxury: Embarking on a transcendent voyage aboard prestigious high-end trains, the likes of the iconic Belmond’s Venice Simplon Orient Express and the eagerly anticipated Orient Express La Dolce Vita, poised to debut in the coming year. These exquisite locomotives will transport passengers on a sojourn of opulence, where each moment unfurls a symphony of elegance and refinement, celebrating the art of travel in its most sumptuous form.
  2. Express & Historical Trains: The heart of Italian heritage beats within these remarkable services, offering an array of experiences on medium to long-distance routes connecting Italy’s main cities and captivating tourist destinations. These journeys, hosted by coaches hailing from the splendid 1980s and 1990s, will undergo meticulous rejuvenation within the esteemed workshops of FS Group’s Rimini. Additionally, the realm of historical allure comes alive as the Fondazione FS lends its cherished collection of vintage rolling stock, crafting captivating excursions that evoke the golden age of travel.
  3. Omnibus-Regional: Intertwining affordability with the allure of exploration, this facet of FS Treni Turistici Italiani extends an invitation to traverse the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures of regions steeped in history, picturesque scenery, and tantalising culinary delights. With a focus on well-rounded experiences, these services ensure that every corner of Italy’s diverse tapestry is accessible to the curious traveler.

By embracing the art of rail tourism, FS Treni Turistici Italiani not only meets the burgeoning demand for luxurious travel experiences but also champions the ethos of sustainable exploration. This visionary initiative not only beckons travellers to familiar landmarks but also extends an invitation to venture beyond the well-trodden path, unveiling the hidden gems and unsung heroes of Italy’s breathtaking panorama.

As the curtains rise on this new chapter in the realm of luxury travel, FS Treni Turistici Italiani heralds a future where the rhythmic clatter of train wheels becomes a harmonious cadence weaving together tales of elegance, history, and splendour, all against the enchanting backdrop of Italy’s timeless landscapes.