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Infiniti optimistic about luxury sedan

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Infiniti, the luxury automotive brand, is planning to introduce an electric sedan as one of the four new models in its upcoming lineup. This electric sedan is previewed by the Vision Qe concept. While the automotive industry has seen a shift away from sedans in recent years, Infiniti believes there is still a demand for them, especially in the U.S. market.

Bob Welby, Infiniti’s senior director of operations, explained that the sedan segment remains relevant in the U.S., where there is a strong history, heritage, and passionate fan base for this body style. Infiniti has received requests for sedans from its dedicated customer base, which is why they are pursuing this model.

Infiniti is looking to its own history for inspiration, particularly older models like the G35 and G37, which were performance-oriented sedans. These models were designed to compete with European sport sedans, emphasising performance and luxury. While they have been out of production for several years, they still have a loyal following in 2023.

Currently, Infiniti’s lineup is primarily focused on SUVs, with four SUV models in their range. Despite their commitment to the electric sedan, the brand will continue to prioritise SUVs, which have become a strength for Infiniti over the past decade.

The introduction of an electric sedan aligns with the brand’s push for electrification and sustainable mobility solutions. The sedan will join the lineup of SUVs, with the next-generation QX80 being one of the upcoming models. Infiniti has previewed the QX80 with a concept called QX Monograph, which is close to a production version.