ID Geneve Moves to Redefine Luxury in Swiss Watchmaking

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A Swiss watchmaker is revolutionising luxury timepieces by embracing sustainability. ID Geneve, a Geneva-based brand founded in 2020, is leading the charge with its circular production approach, utilising innovative materials like vegetal leather and recycled stainless steel melted in solar ovens.

Firmly committed to environmental responsibility, ID Geneve avoids traditional materials like Amazonian wood, opting instead for compostable packaging made from algae. With prices ranging from 3,600 to 5,000 Swiss francs, their watches have gained recognition, especially since Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio joined as an investor.

Co-founder Nicolas Freudiger, along with childhood friend Cedric Mulhauser and designer Singal Depery Moesch, sought to provide a “credible luxury alternative.” Their debut model, Circular 1, incorporates recycled stainless steel, unsold watch components, and innovative wrist straps made from grape marc and vegetal leather.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to collaborations with startups like CompPair, which utilises recycled carbon fibres for repairable watch dials. ID Geneve aims to prove that sustainability can be as alluring as traditional luxury materials.

While initially appealing to executives and engineers focused on environmental materials, ID Geneve’s watches are gaining traction among a broader audience seeking ethically sourced luxury products. Analysts recognize the brand’s potential niche in the market and commend its innovative approach to sustainability.

As ID Geneve ramps up production, with plans to make 1,000 watches this year, it continues to pave the way for sustainable luxury in the watchmaking industry.