Hyundai’s Genesis brand reaches a million sales globally

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Genesis, the luxury car brand under the Hyundai Motor Group umbrella, is basking in the glory of a momentous achievement as it marks the sale of one million vehicles on the global stage. This milestone, a testament to the brand’s meteoric rise, encompasses an impressive 690,000 cars sold in its domestic market of South Korea, with an additional 320,000 units finding homes in various corners of the globe. Remarkably, this feat was accomplished in a mere eight years since the brand’s initial foray into the realm of luxury automobiles in November 2015 when Genesis first emerged as South Korea’s premier luxury marque.

The genesis of Genesis, if you will, unfolded in 2015 with the global debut of the first-generation G90 saloon, formerly known as the EQ900. In that inaugural year, the brand managed to find 384 takers for this elite vehicle. Subsequently, with the introduction of a diverse model lineup including the G70, G80, GV70, and GV80, Genesis experienced a meteoric ascent. By the close of 2016, the brand had already clocked 65,585 units sold, and in the year 2020 alone, it achieved a staggering 132,450 car sales, breaching the coveted 100,000 annual global sales threshold for the first time.

Noteworthy is the fact that over half a million of Genesis’ total sales, a formidable 500,000 units to be precise, occurred in the last two years, aligning with the brand’s strategic expansion into the European market. This exceptional growth story now unfolds across 17 diverse markets spanning several continents, encompassing the brand’s native South Korea, the vast expanse of the United States, the Canadian landscape, the Middle East, Australia’s shores, the European panorama, and the thriving Chinese market.

Lawrence Hamilton, Managing Director for Genesis Motor Europe, aptly summed up the brand’s impressive journey, stating, “In less than a decade, Genesis has performed beyond all expectations, delivering a million vehicles to customers around the globe.” Hamilton emphasised the brand’s commitment to delivering premium automobiles characterised by cutting-edge technology and innovative design, a commitment that has struck a resonant chord with European customers.

He also underscored the brand’s forward-looking vision, indicating, “The future of our brand has never looked brighter as we move towards our goal of becoming a fully electric brand by 2025 and carbon net zero by 2035,” highlighting Genesis’ pioneering strides in the electric vehicle arena.

While Genesis has maintained a balanced portfolio between SUV and passenger car models, the G80 stands tall as the brand’s best-selling model, garnering global sales of 390,738 units across both petrol and electric variants. Introduced in 2016 and succeeded by a redesigned model in 2020, this luxury saloon played a pivotal role in Genesis’ European debut. Accompanying it into the European market was the GV80, Genesis’ inaugural SUV, which joined the lineup in 2021. The GV80, along with the GV70, collectively amassed sales of 173,882 units and 160,965 units, respectively, further bolstering Genesis’ position in the global luxury automotive landscape.