Hermes sales rise, defies industry turbulence

2 mins read

In the third quarter, sales at Hermes experienced a significant surge, surpassing expectations and outperforming its competitors. Despite challenging economic conditions, the brand’s affluent clientele continued to indulge in its high-end Birkin handbags, resulting in quarterly sales of $3.6 billion, which exceeded analyst predictions.

This robust performance was observed across all regions, with the U.S. market particularly standing out. In contrast to lowered expectations in the luxury sector due to a sales report from industry leader LVMH, which indicated that consumers were becoming more cautious with their spending in the face of rising inflation and economic uncertainty, Hermes has proven resilient.

Hermes’ reputation for weathering economic turbulence more effectively than its competitors can be attributed to its focus on serving customers who can afford luxury items, such as the highly coveted Birkin bag, which often costs $10,000 or more. Notably, the brand reported a remarkable 20% increase in sales in the Americas, despite implementing smaller price increases compared to other parts of the world.

In Europe, sales also experienced strong growth, with an increase of over 18%, and there were no signs of reduced spending by tourists. Hermes responded to higher production costs by raising prices globally by approximately 7% this year, with exceptions in the U.S., which saw a 3% increase, and Japan, where prices rose by double digits due to currency fluctuations. This strategy seems to have resonated well with its discerning customer base, allowing Hermes to continue thriving in a challenging economic landscape.