Four Seasons Resort Beachfront Upgraded in Mexico

Beyond the bar, an enchanting al fresco dining haven unfolds, crowned by the mesmerising vista of frothy waves

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Indulge in a realm of coastal opulence as the prestigious Five-Star Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita unveils the grand renaissance of Bahia, an exquisite beachfront seafood haven meticulously curated by the culinary genius, Chef Richard Sandoval. Aptly named after the Spanish word for “bay,” Bahia is a symphony of elegance nestled amidst the enchanting embrace of the manzanilla trees that grace the pristine shores of Cuevas Beach. With an awe-inspiring ocean panorama as its backdrop, Bahia beckons with a contemporary seafood-centric grill, weaving together the freshest regional flavours into an epicurean masterpiece.

“Behold the rebirth of Bahia, a timeless oasis of beachfront dining that has forever captivated the hearts of our cherished patrons in Punta Mita. Against the backdrop of azure waves and resplendent purple-hued sunsets, Bahia is an ode to the art of Mexican hospitality, encapsulating every nuance and dish with our distinctive spirit,” enthuses John O’Sullivan, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita. “With Bahia’s transformation, our aspiration was not solely to craft an exquisite culinary sanctuary but to forge immersive encounters that allow guests to absorb the ethereal energy of this enchanting locale – whether it’s the gentle sway of bar swings during pre-dinner cocktails or the camaraderie around a flickering fire pit at the ocean’s edge.”

Embarking on a sensory journey, guests are welcomed by a path illuminated by whimsical tiles, guiding them to a vibrant ocean-view bar adorned with suspended wooden swings and artfully woven wicker bar stools. The cocktail repertoire is a seductive ode to playfulness, boasting signature spritzes, sangrias, and tonics such as the captivating Queen’s Park Swizzle and the effervescent Bahia Hibiscus Fizz. For those with a penchant for bold flavours, the Meztonic beckons with mezcal, pink grapefruit, and lime, while the Lemon Guava Spritz offers a refreshing citrus symphony.

Beyond the bar, an enchanting al fresco dining haven unfolds, crowned by the mesmerising vista of frothy waves. Here, a captivating open-air kitchen, a theatre of culinary craftsmanship, takes centre stage. The graceful design seamlessly melds with the surrounding contours, offering a range of seating options from woven wicker chairs to plush, cushioned couches that nestle into the velvety sands of Punta Mita. Whether it’s revelling in a front-row view of the Pacific with toes embraced by warm sands, basking in the glow of an outdoor firepit, or seeking solace beneath the terrace or amidst the gentle rustling of manzanilla trees in cozy banquettes, Bahia offers an array of dining experiences. As the sun sets over the picturesque Banderas Bay, Bahia comes alive with melodies of Mexican music and the serenading notes of acoustic guitars, setting the stage for Punta Mita’s signature kaleidoscopic sunsets.

Immersed in Bahia’s beguiling ambiance, guests are treated to a seamless blend of natural elements, including blond woods, limestone, and sumptuous fabrics in soothing neutral tones, creating an atmosphere of chic beachside dining sans pretension. The pièce de résistance, a new wood-fire grill, infuses the air with an aura of vivacity, inviting patrons to revel in a playful gastronomic experience. The culinary journey unfolds with an exquisite selection of fresh catches of the day, elegantly presented with house-made marinades or rubs. Among the stars of this culinary constellation are the delectable Fresh Baja oysters, adorned in a fermented chili-lime sauce; the tantalising Local catch of the day Zarandeado, adorned in a spiced citrus marinade; and the captivating Grilled octopus, accompanied by crispy potatoes and aged chorizo. For devotees of vegetable-forward fare, spiced roasted cauliflower and grilled carrots and asparagus present an artful tableau.

The symphony of Bahia continues with the introduction of the esteemed Chef de Cuisine Hasan Mehdawi, a maestro in the culinary realm. Boasting over a decade of culinary finesse, acquired through his tenure at luxurious Middle Eastern hotels, Chef Hasan’s expertise extends seamlessly into the realm of Mexican cuisine, infusing every dish with his exquisite touch.

A fitting accompaniment to its grand unveiling, Bahia Restaurant bestows an unparalleled signature experience at its bar, a window between 4:00 and 6:00 pm daily. This distinguished sojourn is an ode to tapas and wines, a harmonious union that lulls patrons into an indulgent reverie, celebrating the finer nuances of life amidst the serene embrace of Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita.