First All-Electric Skyscraper in New York for Luxury Living

2 mins read

In downtown Brooklyn, a groundbreaking development known as the Alloy Block has unveiled the first all-electric skyscraper in New York City. Located at 505 State Street, this 44-story tower is setting new standards for sustainable urban living.

The move towards all-electric buildings is part of New York City’s ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 2019 levels by 2050. According to Christopher Halfnight, senior director of research and policy at the Urban Green Council, buildings account for a staggering 40% of NYC’s emissions due to gas- and oil-burning furnaces and water heaters.

Alloy Development, the company behind the project, took a proactive approach to align with the city’s green objectives. Initially planning to use gas for base building heat and cooktops, Alloy shifted its strategy in response to National Grid halting new gas connections in Brooklyn and the passing of Local Law 97, requiring a 40% reduction in GHG emissions from certain buildings by 2030.

The tower’s design seamlessly incorporates energy-efficient solutions, including electric boilers and induction cooktops. The building’s heating and cooling operate on a water-source heat-pump system, maximising efficiency by recovering much of the energy used for warming and cooling. While the building primarily operates on electricity, it also features a backup gas generator for emergencies, meeting building code requirements.

The Alloy Block development also includes the Khalil Gibran International Academy, the first English-Arabic public school in the US. The new school building will meet Passive House standards, ensuring high energy efficiency.

Residents of the tower benefit from modern amenities, including sleek, modernist fixtures, triple-pane glass windows for noise reduction and insulation, and Ecobee smart thermostats for energy-efficient temperature control. While the exact energy costs remain to be seen, recent research suggests that all-electric new construction in New York City is cost-neutral compared to non-all-electric buildings for developers.

As New York City continues to push for green building initiatives, the Alloy Block’s all-electric skyscraper serves as a pioneering example of how sustainable practices can be integrated into urban development without compromising on luxury or comfort.