Finland Elevates Luxury Tourism with New Offerings

3 mins read

In a bid to enhance its allure as a luxury destination, Finland is witnessing a surge in upscale hospitality offerings, blending opulence with unique experiences across its vibrant cities and serene Lapland region.

When the Hotel Maria completes its construction in June, it will epitomise extravagance with 159 exquisite chandeliers adorning its 79 rooms and 38 suites. Boasting 31 varieties of Champagne at its bar and meticulously restored original mouldings spanning 42 kilometers, the Maria aims to redefine luxury hospitality in Helsinki, according to Heli Mende, the commercial director.

Despite already boasting upscale establishments like Hotel Kamp and the St. George, Helsinki is embracing a new era of luxury tourism with these endeavors. Additionally, Lapland’s tourism scene, renowned for its clear glass igloos offering celestial views of the Northern Lights, further amplifies Finland’s appeal to discerning travellers.

However, Finland’s historical emphasis on understated luxury and appreciation for solitude contrasts with traditional notions of opulence found in global hubs. Juri Maki, CEO of Helsinki-based research firm Red Note, highlights Finland’s strength in providing unique outdoor experiences over conventional luxury offerings, resonating with international travellers seeking unparalleled adventures.

Samppa Lajunen, a former Olympic gold medalist and founder of Samla Capital Oy, recognised the untapped potential for international-level luxury in Helsinki. His vision culminated in creating the Hotel Maria, meticulously designed to rival renowned global brands like Ritz and Peninsula, blending timeless elegance with contemporary comforts.

The hotel’s extensive renovations amalgamated historic buildings, offering spacious guest rooms adorned with high ceilings and plush amenities. With rates starting at €402 per night and top-tier suites fetching up to €6,004, the Hotel Maria promises an indulgent retreat inspired by Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia.

As Finland’s luxury landscape evolves, other notable developments include the ongoing €100 million refurbishment of Hotel Kamp and the rise of exclusive venues like Villa Stenberg, named Europe’s top Airbnb wedding venue. While Finland may not emulate traditional luxury destinations, its burgeoning network of upscale offerings, from Helsinki to Lapland, ensures a consistent standard of luxury hospitality across the country.

From tasting menus to celebrity chefs, Finland’s evolving luxury scene mirrors its journey towards embracing opulence while preserving its unique cultural identity. As Lincoln Kayiwa, a designer, reflects on his experience at Hotel Maria, Finland’s evolving luxury sector promises immersive escapes reminiscent of cosmopolitan hubs, setting the stage for a new era in Finnish tourism.