Ferrari Accelerates Racing Innovation with HP Partnership

2 mins read

Italian luxury automaker Ferrari is igniting a new era of racing excellence with its groundbreaking partnership with California-based IT giant HP. In a multiyear agreement, HP will infuse cutting-edge technologies across Ferrari’s Formula One racing team, marking the beginning of a dynamic collaboration.

Under the new moniker “Scuderia Ferrari HP,” the iconic racing team will debut its enhanced capabilities at the upcoming Miami Grand Prix from May 3 to 5. This partnership extends beyond F1, encompassing the Scuderia Ferrari Esports team and the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy, underscoring a commitment to innovation across all competitive divisions.

The integration of HP technologies will revolutionise on-track performance and off-track operations, with adaptive computers, conferencing technology, printing capabilities, and more enhancing Ferrari’s existing educational programmes. The Florida Grand Prix will witness the debut of a brand-new Scuderia Ferrari HP livery, inspired by the coastal cityscape of Miami.

Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, emphasises the shared values driving this collaboration, highlighting a mutual dedication to progress and sustainability. Enrique Lores, CEO of HP Inc., echoes this sentiment, emphasising the alignment of both brands’ rich histories and a commitment to driving sustainable innovation on a global scale.

As Ferrari forges ahead with HP by its side, the partnership sets a new standard for technological advancement and performance excellence in the world of luxury racing. With a focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and community impact, Ferrari and HP aim to redefine the future of motorsport and inspire audiences worldwide.