Dior’s 24K gold Rouge Premier lipstick

The unveiling of Dior Beauty's Rouge Premier lipstick this year has ignited excitement for various reasons.

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The unveiling of Dior Beauty’s Rouge Premier lipstick this year has ignited excitement for various reasons.

One noteworthy aspect is its claim to be the pioneer of “haute couture” lipsticks. Additionally, its composition includes pure 24k gold, further adding to its allure. The exceptional attributes of gold have been acknowledged for many years, ranging from its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to its role as an antioxidant.

Given these benefits, it comes as no surprise that beauty companies are eager to incorporate this remarkable element into skincare and beauty offerings.

Highlighted below are a few products that harness the power of 24k gold.

Dior Rouge Premier, the fruit of five years of meticulous development, lives up to its “haute couture” designation. It boasts a velvety texture and is enriched with hibiscus extract and 24k gold, offering both hydration and a radiant glow.

Encased in a bespoke, limited-edition housing crafted by the renowned French ceramic house Maison Bernardaud, the porcelain cover measures a mere 0.8mm in thickness. It features intricate adornments showcasing one of Dior’s most iconic patterns, the Toile de Jouy.

Presented in an array of 12 shades, the case is designed for convenient refillability by simply attaching a new bullet. While currently exclusively available at the Dior flagship store in Paris, it will be accessible across the United States starting from September 1.