Dior Unveils Latest Ambassadors

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Dior, the epitome of elegance and innovation, has recently unveiled its latest ambassadors, further solidifying its presence on the global stage. Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rosalia and France’s celebrated actor Louis Garrel have been appointed as the faces of Dior, adding their unique flair to the brand’s legacy.

In a captivating ad campaign for the iconic Lady Dior handbag, Rosalia shines under the lens of renowned photographer Collier Schorr. The campaign captures Rosalia’s magnetic presence in both colour and intense black-and-white imagery, highlighting her connection to fashion, music, and the stage. With her signature Motomami style, Rosalia effortlessly embodies the essence of Dior, adorned with the timeless Lady Dior bag—a symbol of refined elegance and craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, Louis Garrel steps into the spotlight as Dior’s new ambassador for menswear fashion. Known for his multifaceted talents as a screenwriter, director, and actor, Garrel brings a dynamic energy to the Dior universe. With his extensive filmography and innate sense of style, Garrel epitomises the spirit of Dior’s menswear collection, curated by artistic director Kim Jones.

Both Rosalia and Louis Garrel made notable appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, further cementing Dior’s influence in the world of fashion and entertainment. As they grace the red carpet in Dior creations, they embody the brand’s ethos of timeless charm and creativity.

With Rosalia and Louis Garrel as its newest ambassadors, Dior continues to push boundaries and redefine luxury in the modern era.