Dior Teams Up with Stone Island for Unique Collaboration

2 mins read

Dior Men has surprised fashion enthusiasts with the unveiling of an extraordinary collaboration collection with Stone Island, the renowned apparel brand rooted in the nautical aesthetics of Ravarino.

Founded by Massimo Osti in 1982, Stone Island draws inspiration from the literary works of Joseph Conrad, embodying a unique blend of techy fabrics and reflective materials. The brand’s signature logo, a yellow and green compass with a nautical star, symbolises its origins in military clothing, workwear, and active sportswear.

According to Kim Jones, Dior’s men’s creative director, the collaboration celebrates the convergence of Monsieur Dior’s haute couture vision and Massimo Osti’s functional design philosophy. Despite their seemingly contrasting styles, the collection seamlessly combines Jones’ signature chic with Stone Island’s innovative materials, resulting in a captivating fusion of fashion traditions.

The collection features oversized and casual cuts, reminiscent of Stone Island’s association with both Italian youth culture and British football enthusiasts. From faded cotton suits to couture-like embroidered jerkins, each piece showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with both Dior and Stone Island.

Jones introduces a novel colour palette to Dior, including mustard, pale grey, faded strawberry, and minty green, adding a contemporary twist to the collection. Accessories such as Dior Oblique pattern sneakers and compass-style star-adorned bags complement the apparel, offering a complete sartorial experience.

The collaboration marks Stone Island’s latest venture into the realm of fashion collaborations, following previous partnerships with Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Supreme. Available exclusively in Dior boutiques, the collection will debut in Milan on June 14, followed by launches in London, the U.S., and worldwide throughout June and July.