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DFS Ignites Lunar New Year Spirit with Showcase

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DFS Group, the world’s premier luxury travel retailer, kickstarts its “Liberate Your Inner Dragon” Lunar New Year Campaign, inviting customers to embrace the spirit of fortune and prosperity associated with the Year of the Dragon. Celebrating the vibrancy of this traditional symbol, DFS curates an immersive experience where patrons can indulge in thoughtful gifts and enriching activities.

Exquisite Red Paper Cutting Exhibition: A Fusion of Art and Tradition

DFS collaborates with the internationally renowned Hong Kong Arts Centre to present “Where Art Meets Tradition: Red Paper Cutting Exhibition.” This exclusive showcase features intricate red paper-cutting masterpieces inspired by the theme “Liberate Your Inner Dragon.” Crafted by three Hong Kong Arts Centre artists, these designs infuse auspicious symbols and motifs from Chinese dragon legends. The exhibition will grace 13 DFS stores globally, offering patrons a visual feast that pays homage to the ancient art of red paper cutting, recognised as UNESCO’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.”

Cultural Experiences Unfold in DFS Stores

To enrich the experience, DFS will host live red paper cutting demonstrations at select stores, where skilled artists will showcase their craft, and the resulting masterpieces will be distributed to in-store customers as blessings. For those making in-store purchases, a Prosperous Papercraft set awaits, encouraging the creation of personalised New Year decorations. Customers shopping for Lunar New Year gifts from renowned global brands will receive a limited-edition pack of eight lucky red envelopes upon meeting specified spending criteria.

DFS: Your Gateway to Luxury Across the Globe

Established in 1960 in Hong Kong, DFS Group has been a trailblazer in global luxury travel retail. With over 50 stores across 15 major airports and 21 downtown locations worldwide, DFS offers a curated selection of products from over 750 coveted brands. As part of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) luxury conglomerate, DFS remains committed to creating inspiring omnichannel retail experiences. Visit for more information.