Cunard set to deploy Starlink across fleet

3 mins read

In a move aimed at elevating the onboard experience for its discerning passengers, luxury British cruise line Cunard has inked a strategic agreement with SpaceX to bring the transformative Starlink internet service aboard its illustrious fleet. This significant announcement, made on a resplendent Monday, signifies Cunard’s commitment to staying at the forefront of maritime connectivity and passenger satisfaction.

The rollout of Starlink commenced across the Cunard fleet back in June, and the company now reveals its intent to ensure this cutting-edge service graces the public spaces of all three iconic Cunard ships – the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth – by the culmination of the year 2023. Further enhancing this tech-savvy commitment, the forthcoming debut of the Queen Anne, slated for May 2024, will feature Starlink from its maiden voyage.

Cunard’s President, Katie McAlister, extolled the virtues of this partnership, emphasising how Starlink would seamlessly integrate into the passenger experience. She noted, “Whether it’s uploading a picture of a sunset as you sail away from a newly discovered destination or catching up with the news, live events, or content from home, Starlink will make it even easier for our guests and colleagues to stay connected.” Such connectivity is expected to resonate with modern travellers, who increasingly demand a seamless blend of luxury and technology during their voyages.

Starlink’s successful foray into the cruise market has been palpable, as it has inked agreements with several prominent cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Group, American Cruise Lines, and Windstar Cruises. Its appeal lies in its capability to provide high-speed internet services even in remote maritime regions.

In a notable development, SES, a key player in satellite-based communications, recently revealed its intention to incorporate Starlink into its suite of offerings tailored for cruise companies. This innovative fusion combines Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO) technologies, delivering a hybrid solution that has been spurred by customer demand, particularly from SES customers who have also embraced Starlink’s capabilities. Furthermore, satellite service providers such as Speedcast and Marlink have embraced Starlink, weaving its prowess into their offerings.

With Cunard’s endorsement of Starlink, the maritime industry continues to evolve, ushering in a new era of connectivity and passenger convenience. As the demand for enhanced internet services at sea continues to surge, partnerships like this one underscore the pivotal role that cutting-edge technology plays in redefining the modern cruise experience.