Carlo Pignatelli Sells Majority Stake to GD Holding Company

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Italian bridal and occasionwear label Carlo Pignatelli undergoes a significant transformation as it sells a majority stake to the GD holding company, marking a pivotal moment in the brand’s history. Founded by designer Carlo Pignatelli in the 1960s, the Turin-based label has appointed new CEO Alessandro Rossi to lead its revival, while Pignatelli himself retains a minority stake and remains the creative force behind the brand.

The acquisition comes as a strategic move by GD, led by local businessmen Francesco Gianfala and Riccardo Di Battista, to revitalise Carlo Pignatelli in the wake of pandemic challenges. Once a thriving business with €50 million in revenue and 70 employees, the label faced a significant downturn during the Covid crisis, experiencing a drastic drop in revenue to €12 million.

GD’s vision for Carlo Pignatelli includes a relaunch strategy focused on the bridal and occasionwear segments, leveraging the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship. With plans for international expansion, particularly targeting markets in Asia, the Middle East, and South America, Carlo Pignatelli aims to reclaim its position as a global leader in luxury bridal and formalwear.

Additionally, GD plans to establish an haute couture academy in Turin, preserving and transmitting Pignatelli’s legacy of craftsmanship to future generations of tailors. The label’s future plans and rejuvenation strategy will be unveiled at an upcoming runway show scheduled to take place at the Savoy royal palace in Venaria Reale, near Turin, on May 19.

Carlo Pignatelli, currently distributed through three monobrand stores and 150 multibrand retailers, looks forward to a new chapter under the guidance of GD, embracing innovation while staying true to its heritage of timeless elegance and Italian craftsmanship.