Carlex Design redefines bespoke luxury

3 mins read

Carlex Design has applied its expertise to create an exceptionally exclusive series of bespoke and ultra-luxurious BMW 635s, a cherished predecessor to the BMW 8 Series Coupe. Known as the BMW 635 CLX by Carlex, this limited production run comprises only seven examples. The standout feature is the stunning brown leather interior, a modification that demanded over 1,200 hours of meticulous craftsmanship.

While Carlex is renowned for adorning high-end cars with sumptuous leather interiors, this vintage 6 series project represents a departure from the brand’s usual modern aesthetic. Convincing owners to modify their precious vintage vehicles is no easy feat, but Carlex saw this endeavour as a work of art. After extensive deliberation, the decision was made to transform the coupe into a unique build that utilises patinated leather, showcasing the material’s age in an elegant manner.

Patinated leather, much like the patina on a car’s body, involves various techniques to gracefully display the leather’s aging process. To execute this complex process, Carlex collaborated with leather expert Andrzej Olender. The interior boasts a rich maple and dark chocolate colour scheme, with a focus on retaining the classic shape of the seats while enhancing their comfort with new cushioning.

The patinated leather extends across nearly every surface in the interior, notably on the cross-stitched and perforated steering wheel, inspired by the handbag and footwear industries. Every inch of the interior has been meticulously addressed, from refreshed gauges and headliner to carpeting and a leather-clad gear shifter. The sound system is entirely new but designed to maintain a classic look, preserving the timeless interior atmosphere.

Externally, the 1986 model features gloss black paint with distinctive Carlex touches, including custom badging on the C-pillar and front quarter panels. The three-piece aluminium and stainless steel wheels add a touch of understated elegance. While the suspension has been upgraded for a sportier character, specific details are not provided. The drivetrain remains unchanged, featuring the standard BMW S38 inline-six with 180 horsepower and 215 lb-ft of torque, aligning with the car’s luxurious nature.

To authenticate the car’s uniqueness, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and number-specific badging on the interior. Although pricing details have not been disclosed, the limited availability suggests it will be a premium investment.