Billionaire Boys Club Taps Moncler For New Collection

Billionaire Boys Club, conceived by Pharrell Williams, has been a beacon of innovation within the realm of streetwear

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In a momentous partnership that merges Italian luxury with contemporary streetwear, Moncler and Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) have unveiled an exclusive collection. This revolutionary collaboration holds special significance for Billionaire Boys Club as it commemorates its 20th anniversary this year. Beyond simply exhibiting the evolution of streetwear, this collaboration serves as a testament to the enduring innovation of Pharrell Williams, BBC’s co-founder.

From its inception, Billionaire Boys Club, conceived by Pharrell Williams, has been a beacon of innovation within the realm of streetwear. Marrying urban aesthetics with exceptional craftsmanship, the brand has garnered attention from fashion aficionados and celebrities alike. As the brand reaches its two-decade mark of influence, it continues to redefine the boundaries of streetwear.

Conversely, Moncler has cemented its position as a symbol of timeless luxury. Renowned for its impeccable outerwear and meticulous attention to detail, the Italian label boasts a heritage spanning numerous decades. The collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club bridges the gap between classical luxury and the contemporary verve of street culture.

Central to this collaboration is the Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club collection, a testament to the seamless merging of two distinct styles. The collection encompasses an array of outerwear and lightweight layers that bear the hallmark aesthetics of both brands. A standout feature is the newly conceived combined logo, intertwining Moncler’s iconic lettering with BBC’s astronaut motif, emblematic of the confluence of luxury and streetwear.

Highlighting the collection are pieces like the down-filled Melton wool varsity jacket, which showcases reflective BBC embroidery, Nappa lambskin leather sleeves, and a detachable drawstring hood. Another notable creation is the down-filled puffer jacket, complete with detachable sleeves and hood, adorned with BBC’s recognisable Diamond & Dollar print. These outerwear selections not only offer functional warmth but also make bold statements of style.

Beyond outerwear, the Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club collaboration extends its influence to intricate details. A wool and cashmere blend knit sweater, featuring Milano stitch elbow patches, exudes sophistication. Meanwhile, a crewneck tee crafted from cotton jersey and a relaxed-fit hoodie epitomise the casual allure of streetwear. The collection further includes track pants with nylon knee patches, zippered pockets, and elastic cuffs, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail present in each piece.

A comprehensive collection is incomplete without the appropriate accessories. The collaboration introduces an ultra-fine wool jacquard knit beanie adorned with the Diamonds & Dollar design, adding an element of distinctiveness to any ensemble. Furthermore, BBC’s interpretation of Moncler’s Trailgrip Après boots, featuring Vibram MEGAGRIP rubber compound tread and GORE-TEX waterproof membrane, extends the collaboration’s influence into the realm of footwear.

To encapsulate the essence of the Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club collection, the campaign enlists the celebrated music duo Clipse, comprised of Pusha-T and No Malice. The duo is captured wearing capsule pieces against a backdrop of icy scenery, with oversized Diamond & Dollar props enhancing the visual impact of the collection. The campaign encapsulates the collaborative and creative spirit that defines both brands.

The Moncler x Billionaire Boys Club collaboration will be accessible at BBC ICECREAM global flagships,, and This limited-edition collection is destined to become a coveted treasure for collectors and individuals who appreciate the seamless fusion of luxury and streetwear.

In this groundbreaking endeavour, Moncler and Billionaire Boys Club have masterfully crafted a collection that transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly melding distinct styles to create something truly exceptional.