Bianca Saunders Announces Exclusive Made in Portugal Collection

2 mins read

Bianca Saunders, the Jamaican-born and London-based menswear designer, has announced an exciting collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Footwear, Components, Leather Goods and Related Industries (APICCAPS) and the heritage shoe company Valuni. This partnership will bring to life six avant-garde footwear designs, all manufactured in Portugal.

Saunders shared on her Instagram accounts, @biancasaunders and @biancarobyn, “Our first full footwear collection organised by the Portuguese Association of Footwear and Leather Goods (APICCAPS). We are working on a six-shoe capsule.” She added, “We have teamed up with Portuguese heritage shoe company Valuni on a capsule collection for our upcoming SS25 menswear show on June 19th.”

This collection, set to debut at the men’s Paris Fashion Week on June 19th, includes an array of styles, from loafers to mid-calf boots and high-top trainers. Saunders described this project as an exciting new chapter, highlighting her unique design approach that incorporates elements like pulls, pulleys, and contours to offer an angular perspective on traditional footwear.

Working with Valuni, a company based in Arrifana (Santa Maria da Feira), was a natural choice for Saunders, known for her modern take on menswear. APICCAPS noted, “Valuni’s extensive experience has been fundamental in bringing our vision to life. And because they do everything meticulously in-house, they are the best partner for footwear manufacturing.” The collaboration quickly moved from sketches to prototypes, showcasing Valuni’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

This partnership began in late 2023, when APICCAPS introduced Bianca Saunders to Valuni, aiming to connect emerging British designers with Portuguese manufacturers. Paulo Gonçalves, APICCAPS’ Communications Director, emphasised the industry’s commitment to quality and social responsibility, stating, “The Portuguese footwear industry will invest 600 million euros over the next decade to establish itself as a major international reference. We are honoured to support Bianca Saunders in creating her dream footwear collection, showcasing her unique talent and contemporary aesthetic.”

Bianca Saunders’ new footwear collection represents a significant milestone, combining her innovative design philosophy with Valuni’s rich tradition of craftsmanship, setting the stage for a highly anticipated debut at Paris Fashion Week.