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Bentley unveils luxury yacht interior

2 mins read

Bentley Motors has embarked on a new voyage into the realm of luxury by creating a bespoke yacht interior for the Contest 67CS. This collaboration with Contest Yachts, designed for a distinguished clientele, marks a celebration of high craft, tranquility, and heritage. The partnership seamlessly combines Bentley’s superior design with the vast expanse of the high seas. The genesis of this nautical endeavour came after an inspired visit to the Bentley factory in Crewe, where the design team, renowned for their exquisite work on models like the Continental GT and Bentayga, undertook the challenge of translating their automotive expertise into maritime refinement.

The outcome is a truly unique interior for the 20-meter Contest 67CS yacht, integrating Bentley’s luxurious materials and craftsmanship. This collaboration signifies a new era of custom Bentley yacht interiors, providing owners with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the joint luxury ethos and performance pedigree of both brands. Bentley’s collaborative spirit is evident as they closely collaborate with Contest Yachts’ designers, pushing the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship. The yacht’s interior features iconic Bentley diamond-quilted hides meticulously book-matched, alongside bespoke elements like the Malvern Chair, paying homage to Bentley’s geometric designs.

The collaboration extends to handcrafted details, including a custom-built bar and vanity unit, each tailored to reflect the unique tastes of the client. The project stands as a testament to the luxury and precision that both Bentley and Contest Yachts strive to deliver in every creation, showcasing a harmonious blend of automotive and maritime expertise.