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Bentley Faces Sales Decline in 2023 Amid China Slowdown

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Bentley, the luxury car manufacturer, reported a decline in sales for the year 2023, attributed in part to a slowdown in high-end consumer sales in China, where sales fell by 18%. The British automaker disclosed that it sold 13,560 luxury cars in 2023, marking an 11% decrease from its stellar performance in 2022, which had been the brand’s best-ever year. Bentley acknowledged challenging market conditions, although it noted a 5% growth in the Asia Pacific region and individual growth of 2% in the Middle East, India, and Africa.

Despite the overall sales downturn, Bentley highlighted a notable surge in interest in luxury personalisation. Approximately three-quarters of customers, marking a 43% increase from 2022, opted for bespoke additions, reflecting a growing desire for unique exclusivity within the brand.

Bentley’s SUV model, Bentayga, retained its position as the company’s best-seller, constituting 44% of total sales and securing its status as the world’s best-selling luxury SUV. Even though the UK market experienced an 18% decline in sales, it emerged as the top buyer of hybrid models, with 27% of customers in 2023 choosing a hybrid option.

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman, and CEO of Bentley Motors, acknowledged the challenging global market conditions in the latter half of 2023. Despite this, he emphasised that Bentley achieved its third-highest retail position in history, entering 2024 with a robust order bank. Hallmark also noted significant growth in demand for higher-value derivatives and bespoke personalisation.

Hallmark expressed cautious optimism for the year ahead, citing continued robust global demand, high interest in hybrid models, and plans for further model releases in 2024. Bentley, which sells its cars in 63 countries worldwide, remains a prominent player in the luxury automotive market.