Balmain Beauty Teases Fragrance Debut

2 mins read

Balmain Beauty has unveiled a tantalising glimpse of its inaugural fragrance set to launch in September 2024, marking the French luxury fashion house’s foray into the world of luxury scents. Developed in collaboration with Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), the fragrance promises an opulent olfactory experience.

Dubbed ‘Projet Confidentiel,’ the campaign offers a sneak peek into Balmain’s upcoming fragrance venture. Captured by photographer and director Carlijn Jacobs, the visuals feature model Akuol Deng Atem showcasing a sleek matte black unlabeled fragrance bottle adorned with Balmain’s iconic logo.

Accompanying the campaign is a teaser video released ahead of Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week runway show on February 28, 2024. While the fragrance’s name remains undisclosed, a cryptic Instagram post from the brand hints at “Confidentiel for Balmain Beauty.”

Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain Beauty, heralds this venture as “a new beginning, a new era” for the esteemed fashion house. He expresses his longstanding dream of venturing into beauty, emphasising the collaborative effort behind this milestone.

The licencing deal between Balmain and ELC, established in September 2022, signifies a strategic move for both parties. ELC, renowned for its collaborations with luxury brands like Tom Ford, brings its expertise to Balmain’s beauty endeavours, amplifying the brand’s reach and influence in the cosmetics industry.

With a history of collaboration dating back to 2006, ELC has played a pivotal role in developing Balmain’s fragrance and makeup lines, fostering a fruitful partnership that continues to evolve with the forthcoming fragrance launch.

As anticipation mounts for Balmain’s fragrance debut, ‘Projet Confidentiel’ sets the stage for a captivating olfactory journey, promising to redefine luxury scent experiences under the esteemed Balmain Beauty banner.