Amazon taps Prada, others on counterfeit case

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The Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) of Amazon, in partnership with luxury brands like the PRADA Group, has taken action against counterfeiting in a successful case that led to a counterfeit seller’s guilty plea. Amazon’s CCU collaborated with luxury brands, including the PRADA Group, to address the issue of counterfeiting. They worked together to provide information and evidence to Chinese law enforcement authorities. As a result of this collaborative effort, a counterfeit seller was sentenced to three years in prison by a Chinese court. The court also imposed a $25,000 fine and ordered the counterfeiter to forfeit all revenues earned from the sale of counterfeit goods.

Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit first identified the defendant’s counterfeit activities in 2021 and subsequently initiated a criminal referral to the regional Chinese enforcement agency following internal investigations. In this case, the court used information provided by Amazon and luxury brands to make its judgment. This demonstrates the importance of cooperation between e-commerce platforms, brands, and law enforcement agencies in combating counterfeiting.

Amazon’s CCU director, Kebharu Smith, highlighted the significance of this guilty plea, not only for Amazon but for the broader effort to combat counterfeiting. He emphasised the importance of collaboration with law enforcement and luxury brands in this fight.

Amazon has been employing automated protection technologies to prevent counterfeit products from entering its platform. This is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to tackle counterfeiting. Amazon’s CCU continues to take legal action against alleged counterfeiters, as evidenced by its recent filing of two new lawsuits against individuals involved in the ‘hidden links’ scheme. This case highlights the continuing efforts of Amazon and its partners to address the issue of counterfeit goods in the e-commerce space and their commitment to working with law enforcement and luxury brands to combat this problem.